Architectural Design, Architectural Design) refers to the buildings before construction, the designer according to the construction tasks, the construction process and the use of, or the possibility of existing problems in the overall scenario, prepared in advance for good solutions to these problems, solutions, and express with drawings and documents. Architectural design as a preparation, construction organization and the type of work in production to the whole project within the scope of the predetermined investment quota, according to the careful consideration of the proposed solution, all one pace, smoothly, and built the building fully meet the requirements of the users and social expectations.

       3D Simulation

  3D simulation is a technology that can be used in a wide range of fields, including displaying the product production, processing, equipment, system, construction, design and brand publicity. 3D simulation is able to mimic how the product is being created, making the production process transparent. In short time, 3D simulation is able to demonstrate the work flow and a preview of the complete work in virtually with much less time and working hour if demonstrated in real. For complicated large scale dynamic system, a 3D simulation enables a person to visualize the internal of the running machine precisely in order to have full perspective of work inside and out. Simulation makes spotting design flaws easier and amendment could be made to prevent further damage. Product release conference could be enhanced by 3D simulation and increase its publicity for better competing power.


  Our company provides custom-made APP service. Even with the limitation of the physical environment, the service of our interactive cloud terminal could be enjoyed anytime. By combining the reality and the digital world, we laying the ground work for the company’s communication network to provide a smooth communication between departments. Our dedicated top designers will orchestrate a tailor made app under the customer’s brand image with borderless imagination. Displaying company’s publicity, training and talks are just one touch away globally, relive from heavy documentation and product size. 

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